Global Experience


FORBES JAPAN published our challenging project of lighting up Africa in 2018.

Our value shows how we are contributing in Africa on energy sector.



First time installed 4.5kw CIGS solar at Orlando Children`s Home of South Africa, 2018 as a GGP project.  



West African country Benin, installed the solar system in 2018 as support by crowdfunding from Japan 

First PPP project 2015, Nigeria. Installed at a clinic, school, police station, Street light on the main street of Kabo community. 




First time introduced in Guinea.  Promise to keep them under the light of renewable energy with super thin solar. 




Kens co Japan providing dynamic training to African people for enhancing their practical skills on Japanese solar installation.  

 News on Japanese Tv Channel: 
  Japanese school in Benin            A great challenge from Japan          Project Handover(ODA)

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