About Us

Kawaguchi Steel Industry (KSI) established in 1930 and registered as a company on August 2nd, 1993. Sheet-metal works on roof and external constructions, crystal solar assembling is our key business in Japan. KSI is currently emphasizing an environment-friendly energy green tech system for developing countries. Base on this mission `KENS.CO; Ltd` has established on 3rd March 2013 which registration no is 3000-01-009045.

Kens.Co;ltd is also a sister company of GOOD ON ROOFS in Japan. GOOD ON ROOFS is mainly focus on CSR activities in Africa.

Kens.Co; Ltd has introduced an amorphous solar sheet for the first time in Africa through the GGP project in Nigeria in 2015. Amorphous solar that can bendable, flexible, and easy to movable. Max weight is 800gm with 1mm thickness. Kens co has successfully completed GGP (Grassroots Human Security Projects) project in Nigeria, South Africa, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Benin. Also have pilot projects in Kenya, Guinea, Brazil, DRC Congo. Ethiopia, Benin, Rwanda, and Japan.


2020 – GITEZI school Burundi
2020 – Burkina Faso
2019 – Takeshi Inoue school Benin
2018 – Orlando Homes School – South Africa
2015 – Kabo Community Nigeria


2021 – JICA feasibility study project Burkina Faso.
2019 – IOM Burundi
2019 – JICS DRC
2016 – IOM Kenya

Kens.Co; Ltd has also experienced supply records to UN organizations like IOM Burundi, IOM Kenya. Also supplied the portable solar system to DRC Congo under JICS (Japan International Corporation System) for Ebola treatment. Recently we had a feasibility project of the solar system on the Education phase in Burkina Faso under JICA 2021.


Kens.Co; Ltd has won several awards for contributing great development in renewable energy sectors of Africa with a dynamic business model. Also, one of the prominent contributors in Africa from Kyushu Japan.


Nobuhiro Kawaguchi
CEO of