About Us

Kens.Co Ltd (Kawaguchi Energy and Natural Solutions) is a sister company of Kawaguchi Steel Industry Ltd (KSI)located at Tosu shi Japan. It was established in 2013 where KSI was in 1930. KSI is specialized on roof construction as well as Solar assembling in Japan.  Kens.co is dealing with flexible and lightest solar products to developing countries. 

Vision is to transfer Japanese technologies to the rural areas of the developing countries to sustain their SDG goals. Mostly of African nations ave, 50% has no light at all and light is precious than gold. Most of the houses in rural areas in Africa is very weak & thin. That`s why our flexible solar sheet is perfect to enhance renewable power sector in Africa. Our vision is to bring the light from Japan to Africa. 

Starting from 2013, Kens.co has already a recognised company from Kyushu Japan which has a great contribution in Africa through solar street light. Kens.co have already installed flexible solar street light in Kenya, DRC Kinshasa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Philippines, Brazil, Rwanda, Benin and Japan also. UN organization IOM is also our client for global development. We have also experienced with ODA project under the embassy of Japan in Nigeria 2015 and South Africa 2017. 


Kens.co won the “SAIKO COMPANY” award of Saga prefecture in 2018 and “KYUSHU MIRAI 2019” award for its innovative idea and Japan brand image to the world. 

Kens.co is able to manage its vision and contribution by introducing ultra-developed technologies to the developing nations through its commitment and quality. 


Nobuhiro Kawaguchi
CEO of
KENSILHAM S / D Malaysia
Ex-President of Junior Chamber International (JCI)Japan 2005