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On March 25th, 2020 Forbes Japan published its 5th version of 2020 where Kawaguchi Nobuhiro CEO of Kawaguchi Steel Industry Ltd was on the cover page on such a version. 

Forbes Japan published an article of how the Kawaguchi Steel Industry helps Africa to light up through solar energy. He won the Grand Prix of Small Giant Awards 2020 by Forbes Japan this year. How he guided his company Kawaguchi Steel Industry that established in 1930 as a roof construction company. Then he realized that he needs to move forward with innovation to help Africa where almost 70% has no electricity at all. 

So, he introduced a flexible solar sheet to light up Africa starting the GGP project in Nigeria in 2015. He commences his international business through his other group of company Ltd. Now his business spreads in many parts of Africa to help electrified villages with flexible solar as well as use his profit margin from Kawaguchi Steel Industry Ltd. 

Hope you can get more details from such version by Forbes Japan

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