LED System

Kens.Co; Ltd has developed a new LED Lantern charging system which is consisting of lithium-ion batteries with 100 pcs of the LED lantern and very light solar panels as well. This is a very simple installation process where it will be used in school for charging at day time and after school students can bring the LED lantern to their house and use it to study at night. The next morning, students will bring it to the school and charge in the daytime as well. School management can charge a small rent to the students per month or day to cover up their investment costs.

  • Super Light Solar panel- 5kg 
  • Lithium-Ion Battery from Japan
  • In case of emergency – a cell phone can be charge from LED Lantern
  • Portable charging system with 3 MODE of LED Lighting 



LED lantern Charging system

Description Capacity Dimension Weight Vmp Qty
Monocrystalline silicon solar 215w 1979*689*5.6mm 4.8kgs 25.7V 3pcs
Lithium-ion Battery 16v/50Ah Inside controller box 4kg 1pcs
LED Lantern 1800mAh L75H45mm 85g DC5V -1Amp 100pcs
Controller BoxFuse, circuit breaker, controller, terminal L45W12H50cm 5kg 1pcs
Electrical Cable, PV cables 1-5 meter 1 lot




                                                                                                                             For More Details Click the PDF