Solar Street Light

 Luz Solar Street Light :

First time in the world has installed amorphous solar on wooden or galvanized pole with maximum space. Special wooden screw as well as steel plate on the solar sheet edge. The main advantages is zero maintenance cost and using world`s most self consumption current controller from Japan.

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Luz Solar Street Light :
* Automatic lighting with sensor ( Dawn to Dusk)  
* Maximum use of space and sunlight
* World smallest self consumption controller.
* Lithium or Lead acid battery. 
* World`s most compact controller. 
* 2w, 4w, 6w powerful Japanese LED light.
* LED light is 12 hours per day for 10 years – Long efficiency 

How to set controller with Down to Dusk:  

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Specification of solar street light plz click the…. PDF file: 













Galvanized pole in Nigeria & Congo:

On wooden pole.

OSA social Design Group Award:

As a social design group, OSA ensures that initiative undertaken are about the people, bringing together the government, industry academia and community collaboration to explore and promote, technologies and projects that are eco friendly, sustainability sensitive and user friendly in support of sustainable community development. They considered as seeds from Japan to be realized in Kenya. Click for details pdf file.