Solar Street Light

 Luz Solar Street Light :

First time in the world has installed amorphous solar on wooden or galvanized pole with maximum space. Two categories are available Type A and Type B. We are ensuring the most lightest controller with ever thinnest solar sheet on the pole.  

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Flexible Solar Street Light :
* Automatic lighting with sensor ( Dawn to Dusk)  
* Max space can be use on pole. 
* Most light controller with less power consumption.
* Ever thinnest 1mm & lightest  0.8kg. 
* Maintenance cost is 0  
* Low watt LED but super bright in Darkness.
* More than 15 years life span of solar sheet. 

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Competitive advantages of Amorphous solar: 

Galvanized & Wooden pole in Nigeria, Congo, Kenya, Jpapn:

Experience Background: is not only contributing on Eco environment but also enhancing the man power skills in africa as well as in developing country. Due to Zero maintenance cost, it is easy to train any class of people to promote their personal skills which will help to make strong economic growth of developing countries. 



Package including all items

1.16w Amorphous Solar Sheet(1mm thickness, 0.8kg weight)
For Type B

2.Controller Box
L335W384 T135mm weight 2.2kg
3.Solar Amp B
Lightest controller from Japan
4.Lead Acid Battery
5.4w LED Flux 318lm, 16lux( Type A)
6w LED Flux 470lm, 24lux (Type B)
6.Fuse Bulbs, Magic Tape, Fixing Belt, Connectors, Screws for Solar and LED lightAccording to the set
7.Installation FeesNegotiable whether training to buyers or other options