Solar Controllers

Solar Amp B

  • World`s most compact design, low self consumption current 2mA.
  • Patented by the Japanese company. 
  • Size is like business card which will make control box smaller.
  • 10A and 20A class controller is with 12v/ 24v system.
  • Reverse polarity protection and auto night detection. 
  • Overload, Surge, Temperature protection.
  • Water Resistance test…… click the VIDEO 

                 Solar Amp B Catalogue in Pdf format... Click for Reading;”>
                 Solar Amp B Manual in Pdf format.
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Solar Amp Mini

  • World`s smallest self consumption current
  • Early start lighting function 
  • Night lighting timer function 
  • Reverse polarity function 
  • Discharged battery recovery function 
  • Short circuit protection
  • High reliability and cost performance
  • Compact size and light weight 


      Solar Amp Mini Catalogue … Click the  PDF file