Ceramic Insulation Paint Technology

GAINA is the highly-functional heat-insulating painting material which enables us to use the technology of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) that once protected H-Ⅱ Rocket.

GAINA, a functional environment-improving paint, succeeded in making highly heat-insulating ceramics into the paint, which had been considered impossible before. It not only enables heat-block just by painting it on houses but also boasts of 15 functions, like blocking condensation, muting, blocking dirt, improving air-condition, etc.



Reliable characteristics: 


Ice melt comparison with Gaina                        Test results of Rust with Gaina 


Heat Transfer Test                                             Non-flammable coating 


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Heat Conductivity
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Heat Insulator 
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Method of using Gaina:

Mix water according to guide                             Stir sticks should be used 


Quality is our comparison : 





Experimental Video 

Heat temperature Test:                                               Amazing Paint from Japan:

Best choice for insulation paint                                 Prevents from floating dust/Odor